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Pro Elite Car Steering Wheel Lock - Heavy Duty Anti-Theft Bar

Pro Elite Car Steering Wheel Lock - Heavy Duty Anti-Theft Bar

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Stoplock Steering Wheel Lock: Ultimate Car Theft Protection

Stop Car Thieves in Their Tracks

Stop Car Thieves by using the Stoplock steering wheel lock. This popular anti-theft device is resistant to power tools and prevents criminals from steering and therefore stealing your car. With a touch control method, it’s easy to use and highly effective in protecting your vehicle.

Top-of-the-Range Model

  • 10-Year Guarantee: This top-of-the-range model comes with a 10-year guarantee, ensuring long-lasting protection.
  • 10,000 Key Combinations: With 10,000 key combinations, the security of your vehicle is enhanced significantly.
  • Two Keys Supplied: Each Stoplock comes with two keys, and additional keys can be purchased if needed.

Fully Attack Tested

The Stoplock is fully attack tested, featuring an anti-drill lock and is made from hardened components. This ensures that even the most determined thieves will be deterred from attempting to steal your vehicle.

Easy to Fit

  • Quick Installation: The Stoplock is designed for easy fitting. Simply watch the brief video to the left of the screen (bottom image) to see how simple it is to secure your vehicle.
  • Fits Most Vehicles: The Stoplock fits the vast majority of vehicles. Check the PDF Stoplock Application Guide by clicking on “Which is the correct Stoplock for your vehicle?” just below these bullet points. An exemptions list is also provided in the product description.

Key Features

  • UK Car Crime Steadily Increasing: With car thefts up by 30% in just three years, it’s crucial to protect your vehicle. Stoplock has been instrumental in preventing this increase from being even greater.
  • Visual Deterrent: The vivid yellow bar of the Pro Elite and Pro models is bright enough to be seen at night, when your vehicle is most vulnerable. The Airbag/4x4 and Original versions feature a flashing LED light for added visibility and deterrence.

Choose the Right Stoplock for Your Vehicle

Stoplock Pro Elite

  • Top-of-the-Range Version: Ideal for most vehicles, fits in seconds.
  • Fully Attack Tested: Made from hardened metal parts with a deep bend in the bar for larger airbags.
  • Perfect for BMW 'M' Steering Wheels: Includes 2 keys and 10,000 combinations.
  • Awards: Sold Secure Automotive Gold award 2018.

Stoplock Pro

  • Fits Most Vehicles: Quick installation and fully attack tested.
  • Hardened Metal Parts: Shallower bend in the bar, includes 2 keys and 10,000 combinations.
  • Awards: Sold Secure Automotive Gold award 2018.

Stoplock Airbag / 4X4

  • Designed for Larger Vehicles: Deep bend in the bar for larger airbags.
  • Power Tool Resistance: Features a flashing LED, includes batteries, 2 keys, and 10,000 combinations.

Stoplock Original

  • Standard Model: Built to resist power tools with a shallower bend in the bar.
  • Flashing LED: Batteries included, 2 keys, and 10,000 combinations.

Additional Products

Stoplock Van Lock

  • Secures Commercial Vehicles: Can also be used on gates, fences, garages, and sheds.
  • Highly Resistant: Zinc plated and powder coated, resistant to power tools.
  • Includes: 3 keys and all fixings.

Stoplock Motorcycle Lock

  • Hardened Steel Lock: Toughened casing with a 10mm thick hardened steel shackle.
  • Highly Resistant: 1.2 meters long, resistant to bolt croppers and power tools.

Stoplock Wheel Clamp

  • Fits Wheels from 13" to 15": For cars, vans, caravans, and trailers.
  • Highly Resistant: Includes 3 keys and easy to fit in seconds.

Stoplock RFID Card

  • Protects Bank and Credit Cards: Prevents remote theft by blocking scanning attempts.
  • Stylish Design: Slim, carbon fiber effect wallet.

Protect your vehicle and your peace of mind with the Stoplock steering wheel lock. With a variety of models to suit different needs, Stoplock is the trusted solution to deter car thieves and keep your vehicle safe.

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