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150g Rust Remover Liquid - Fast-Acting Non-Drip Formula

150g Rust Remover Liquid - Fast-Acting Non-Drip Formula

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Discover Jenolite Thick Liquid Rust Remover: Your Ultimate Solution for Fast and Effective Rust Removal

Fast and Effective Rust Removal

  • Powerful Formula: Jenolite Rust Remover Thick Liquid is engineered to swiftly remove rust from metal surfaces, restoring them to bare metal ready for priming and painting.
  • Chemical Conversion: This rust remover works by chemically reacting with rust, transforming it into an easily removable dark grey residue, ensuring thorough rust removal.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for a wide range of ferrous metal surfaces including cast iron, steel, automotive bodywork, chassis, wheel arches, tools, bikes, boats, machinery, gates, and garden furniture.

Superior Formulation for Easy Application

  • Non-Drip Formula: Designed as a thick, non-drip liquid, Jenolite Rust Remover adheres easily to vertical surfaces, ensuring maximum contact time for effective rust removal without wastage.
  • User-Friendly: Simple to apply directly onto rusty areas, making it suitable for both professional and DIY use. No need for complex tools or equipment.
  • Quick Action: Begins working immediately upon application, saving time and effort in rust removal tasks.

Comprehensive Rust Treatment Solution

  • Permanent Rust Removal: By eliminating all traces of rust and returning surfaces to bare metal, Jenolite ensures long-lasting protection against rust recurrence.
  • Ready for Painting: Leaves surfaces clean and prepared for priming and painting within just one hour of application, facilitating seamless restoration projects.
  • Wide Coverage: Each litre of Jenolite Rust Remover provides approximately 4m² of coverage, ensuring economical use across various projects.

Application Instructions for Optimal Results

  • Surface Preparation: Remove oil, grease, and loose rust using steel wool or a wire brush before application.
  • Direct Application: Pour the rust remover into a container and apply liberally onto rusted areas. Ensure continuous activity by brushing every 5 minutes and adding more solution as needed.
  • Immersion Method: For smaller components, immerse them in a container of the rust remover, allowing it to work until rust is completely removed.
  • Post-Application: After rust removal, wipe the surface dry with a lint-free cloth and wait 30 minutes before priming or applying a topcoat.

Product Specifications and Sizes

  • Sizes Available: Jenolite Rust Remover is available in convenient sizes to suit any project: 150g, 500g, 1 kg, and 5 kg.
  • Safe and Non-Hazardous: Formulated as a non-hazardous product, ensuring safe handling and application.
  • Wide Compatibility: Suitable for use on a variety of ferrous metal surfaces including automotive parts, garden tools, bikes, boats, and more.

Jenolite Thick Liquid Rust Remover stands as the ultimate choice for anyone seeking a reliable and effective solution to tackle rusted metal surfaces. With its powerful chemical action, non-drip formulation, and versatile application, Jenolite ensures thorough rust removal and prepares surfaces for long-term protection against corrosion. Whether you're restoring automotive parts, garden furniture, or machinery, trust Jenolite to deliver exceptional results every time. For more information or to purchase Jenolite Rust Remover, visit our website or contact our customer service team. Restore your metal surfaces with confidence using Jenolite, the trusted name in rust treatment since 1939.

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