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Reusable Vacuum Space Saver Bags for Travel & Home - 9 Pack

Reusable Vacuum Space Saver Bags for Travel & Home - 9 Pack

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Maximize Your Space with Storage Master Vacuum Storage Bags

Perfect Storage Solution for Every Need

Introducing the 9 x Mixed Size Bags (3 Small, 3 Medium, 3 Large) from Storage Master. These vacuum storage bags offer an ideal solution for organizing and storing your seasonal clothes, comforters, blankets, pillows, and more. With the ability to create up to 80% more space, these bags are essential for anyone looking to declutter their home or pack efficiently for a trip.

Durable and Reusable Space Saver Bags

Crafted from extra flexible and thick premium PA&PE material with a unique bubbling technique, these vacuum storage bags are ultra-durable and reusable. They are designed to withstand the rigors of frequent use, ensuring that you can rely on them time and time again for all your storage needs.

Secure and Efficient Vacuum Sealer Bags

Our vacuum storage bags are equipped with advanced double-zip seals and a triple-seal valve, specifically designed to suck every bit of air out and prevent it from getting back in. This secure sealing technology ensures that your items remain compressed and protected from moisture, dust, and odors.

Convenient and Compatible

These space-saving bags are compatible with any standard vacuum cleaner hose, making the vacuuming process quick and easy. Please note that this combo does not include a hand pump, but the bags can be used with any household vacuum cleaner for maximum convenience.

Detailed Size Guide

Small Size Bags

  • Ideal for storing 6-8 sweaters or towels.
  • Not suitable for thick winter coats.

Medium Size Bags

  • Perfect for 8-10 sweaters or 1-2 winter coats.
  • Not large enough for bedding items.

Large Size Bags

  • It can store 10-12 sweaters and several bulky winter jumpers.
  • Suitable for items like curtains and pillows.

Usage Tips for Optimal Performance

  1. Preparation: Open the bag on a flat surface and undo the zippers. Carefully fold the items and place them inside the bag, leaving an inch of space from the edges for proper sealing.
  2. Sealing: Use the zip clip to close the dual-zip. Ensure that the yellow line is inserted neatly into the two blue lines, indicating a perfect seal.
  3. Vacuuming: Open the valve lid and place the vacuum cleaner nozzle or hose on the bag’s valve port. Vacuum out the air, secure the valve lid, and store the bag.
  4. Maintenance: Dry all items before storing. Do not overpack the bags; use multiple bags if needed. Double-check the zip for a complete closure and avoid forcing the valve open.

Why Choose Us?

Dual Zip Seal

The double-zip system features bright white lines on one side and black counterparts on the other. When properly sealed, the yellow line fits perfectly between the blue lines, ensuring an airtight seal.

Triple Seal Valve

The self-sealing turbo valve keeps all air out, maintaining the vacuum for up to 6 months with minimal leakage. Simply reapply the vacuum a couple of times a year to maintain optimal performance.

Stay-On Clip

The stay-on clip prevents the clip from falling off or getting lost, ensuring the bag remains functional and efficient.

Choose Storage Master Vacuum Storage Bags for a reliable and efficient way to maximize your storage space. With their durable construction, secure sealing technology, and convenient design, these bags are perfect for all your storage needs. Keep your items protected and your home organized with Storage Master.

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