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Reflective Cat Collar Breakaway with Apple AirTag Holder - 0.4 Inches

Reflective Cat Collar Breakaway with Apple AirTag Holder - 0.4 Inches

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Ensure your cat’s safety and your peace of mind with the High-Quality ATUBAN Airtag Cat Collar Breakaway. Specifically designed for cats, this innovative collar incorporates advanced features to keep your feline friend secure and easily trackable. Crafted from durable, fur-friendly materials, and equipped with reflective strips and a breakaway buckle, this collar offers the perfect blend of safety, comfort, and functionality.

Key Features

Built-In Elastic Airtag Case

  • Secure and Protective Holder: The collar features a built-in elastic Airtag case, providing a secure and protective holder for the Apple AirTag device. This ensures you can easily track your beloved pet’s location at all times.
  • Peace of Mind: By using the Airtag case, pet owners can have peace of mind knowing their cat's whereabouts, enhancing safety and security.

Safety First

  • Breakaway Buckle: The collar is equipped with a safe breakaway buckle that allows your cat to quickly break free in dangerous situations or entanglements. This essential feature ensures your pet's safety during their outdoor adventures.
  • Reflective Strips: Two reflective strips are integrated into the collar, enhancing visibility during nighttime escapades. This ensures safer outdoor exploration by making your cat easily noticeable in low-light conditions.

Durable and Comfortable Design

  • Fur-Friendly Material: Crafted from durable, reflective nylon material, the collar is gentle on your cat's neck. It ensures long-lasting use while providing the utmost comfort.
  • Adjustable Length: The collar's adjustable length (8.66 - 13.78 inches) ensures a comfortable and secure fit for cats of various sizes.
  • Lightweight Design: Designed to be lightweight, the collar ensures your cat won’t feel discomfort, even during extended wear.

Waterproof and Easy to Clean

  • Waterproof Collar and Airtag Holder: Both the collar and the Airtag holder are waterproof, offering added protection against the elements. This feature ensures the collar remains durable and functional in various weather conditions.
  • Easy Maintenance: The waterproof design also makes cleaning effortless. Dirt and grime can be easily removed, maintaining the collar's pristine condition.

Package Includes

  • One Cat Collar
  • One Airtag Holder

Additional Notes

  • AirTag Device Not Included: Please note that the AirTag device is not included with the purchase of this collar.


  • Enhanced Safety: The combination of the breakaway buckle and reflective strips ensures your cat’s safety during outdoor activities.
  • Durability and Comfort: The collar is designed to withstand the elements and provide lasting comfort, making it an ideal choice for your pet.
  • Peace of Mind: The built-in elastic Airtag case allows for easy tracking, giving you peace of mind about your cat's location.
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