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Frozen Dog Food Variety Box: 24x500g Bags, BARF Raw Diet

Frozen Dog Food Variety Box: 24x500g Bags, BARF Raw Diet

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Middleton Raw Dog Foods: Premium Frozen Dog Food Variety Box

Elevate your pet's nutrition with Middleton Raw Dog Foods, a DEFRA approved pet food producer dedicated to quality and freshness. Our variety box of frozen dog food is now available for delivery every day of the week, including Saturday and Sunday. Here's why our product stands out:

Key Features:

  • Premium Ingredients: Made from top-quality British chicken carcasses and chicken breast trimmings sourced from our own human-grade FSA regulated cutting plant.
  • Variety Box: Includes 24 bags of 500g each, totaling 12kg of frozen dog food. Flavors include chicken, chicken & veg, tripe, and beef & chicken.
  • Next Day Delivery: Order before 3.30pm for next day delivery straight to your door.
  • Long Shelf Life: With a use-by date of October 2024, you can stock up without worry.
  • Frozen Delivery: Sent out by a 24-hour courier in a polystyrene box, keeping the product frozen for 48 hours.
  • No Additives: Contains 100% chicken, chicken & veg, tripe, or beef, with no added water, preservatives, or additives.
  • Convenient Packaging: Packed in 500g chubs/rolls for easy storage in your freezer.
  • Hygienic Preparation: Follow normal hygiene rules for preparing raw meat products, ensuring safety for you and your pet.
  • Feeding Guide: Tailored feeding guide provided based on your dog's weight for optimal nutrition.
  • Storage Instructions: Store at -18°C and keep frozen until use. Once defrosted, keep refrigerated and use within 24 hours.

With Middleton Raw Dog Foods, you can provide your pet with the highest quality nutrition tailored to their needs. Order now for convenient delivery and ensure your furry friend enjoys the benefits of a wholesome diet!

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