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Dash Cam with IR Night Vision - 1080P 3 Camera, Loop Recording

Dash Cam with IR Night Vision - 1080P 3 Camera, Loop Recording

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Explore Comprehensive Safety with the Dual-Lens Car Camera

Enhance your driving safety with the Dual-Lens Car Camera, equipped with advanced features to provide a complete view of your surroundings. Whether you're commuting daily or embarking on a road trip, this camera ensures you capture every critical moment on the road.

Key Features of the Dual-Lens Car Camera

Dual-Lens Camera System

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Features three cameras—front, inside the car, and rear—to comprehensively monitor road conditions from multiple angles.
  • Enhanced Safety: Provides real-time monitoring of both the front view for navigation and inside the car for passenger safety and monitoring.

Reverse Image Capture

  • Effortless Recording: Utilizes reverse image capture functionality to automatically record crucial details such as license plates when reversing, ensuring nothing goes unnoticed.
  • Enhanced Security: Helps in documenting incidents and providing evidence in case of accidents or disputes.

Loop Recording Functionality

  • Continuous Recording: Ensures uninterrupted recording by overwriting old footage with new recordings, ensuring you never miss a moment even during extended drives.
  • Reliable Evidence: Serves as a reliable source of evidence in legal or insurance matters, capturing every detail in high-definition video format.

High-Definition Video Quality

  • Crystal Clear Footage: Captures high-definition video to deliver clear and detailed images of both front and rear road conditions.
  • Clear Visibility: Ensures clarity in day and night conditions, providing crucial visibility even in low-light environments.

Important Considerations

Warm Reminder for Optimal Performance

  • Built-in Battery Usage: The built-in battery is solely for time and date functions and requires a continuous power supply for full operational functionality.
  • Memory Card Compatibility: Use a high-speed C10 capacity memory card to ensure smooth recording and storage of video footage.
  • Original Parts Usage: Use the original car charger to maintain compatibility and prevent operational issues.
  • Avoid Unnecessary Modifications: Changing wiring or components without authorization may lead to malfunctions or damage, compromising the camera's performance.

Why Choose the Dual-Lens Car Camera?

The Dual-Lens Car Camera is designed for drivers prioritizing safety and reliability on the road. With its comprehensive coverage, high-definition video capture, and essential safety features, it ensures peace of mind and security during every journey. Whether for personal use or fleet management, this camera system offers unparalleled surveillance and recording capabilities.

Invest in your safety with the Dual-Lens Car Camera today. Experience enhanced visibility, comprehensive monitoring, and reliable evidence collection in any driving scenario. Order now and drive with confidence knowing you have a dependable witness by your side.

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