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500ml Carb Spray Cleaner - Cleans Carburettors, Made in UK

500ml Carb Spray Cleaner - Cleans Carburettors, Made in UK

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Discover STP Carb Spray Cleaner: Your Ultimate Carburettor Maintenance Solution

Powerful Carburettor Cleaning Solution

  • Effective Solvent Blend: STP Carb Spray Cleaner features a specially formulated blend of powerful cleaning solvents. It swiftly removes gum, sludge, varnish, grease, dirt, and carbon deposits from both internal and external carburettor parts, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Internal and External Cleaning: Ideal for use on carburettor parts both internally (with disassembly) and externally. It also cleans automatic chokes effectively, freeing sticking mechanisms for smooth operation.
  • PCV Valve Cleaning: Additionally, STP Carb Spray Cleaner cleans PCV valves, contributing to the overall cleanliness and efficiency of the engine.

Engine Performance Maximisation

  • Boosts Power and Efficiency: By eliminating harmful deposits, STP Carb Spray Cleaner helps maximise engine power, performance, and fuel efficiency. Regular use ensures that the carburettor operates at its peak condition.
  • Prevents Build-Up: Prevents the build-up of deposits that can affect engine performance over time. This proactive approach extends the life of carburettor components and maintains consistent engine operation.

Easy Application and Versatile Use

  • Fast-Acting Spray: STP Carb Spray Cleaner is designed for easy application. Its fast-acting spray mechanism allows for quick and efficient cleaning of carburettor components.
  • User-Friendly: Suitable for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike, it simplifies the maintenance process without the need for extensive disassembly or complex procedures.
  • Safety Note: Must not be sprayed on the car’s finish to avoid potential wax and paint streaking issues. Ensure careful application to targeted engine parts only.

Product Specifications and Contents

  • Contents: Each box contains 1 x 500ml bottle of STP Carb Spray Cleaner, providing ample cleaning solution for multiple applications.
  • Usage Instructions: For best results, follow the provided instructions. Ensure thorough cleaning of carburettor parts and proper disposal of any excess cleaner.
  • Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and sources of heat to maintain product effectiveness.

STP Carb Spray Cleaner stands out as an essential tool for maintaining carburettors in peak condition. Its potent solvent blend effectively removes deposits that hinder engine performance, promoting smoother operation and enhanced fuel efficiency. Whether you're cleaning carburettors, freeing automatic chokes, or maintaining PCV valves, STP Carb Spray Cleaner offers reliability and convenience. Trust STP for your engine cleaning needs and experience the difference in engine responsiveness and longevity. For more information or to purchase STP Carb Spray Cleaner, visit our website or contact our customer service team. Keep your engine running smoothly with STP, the brand synonymous with automotive care excellence.

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