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Ultra Wax & Wash Car Shampoo - 5L Bottle

Ultra Wax & Wash Car Shampoo - 5L Bottle

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Discover CarPlan Ultra Wash and Wax: Your Ultimate Car Cleaning Solution

Superior Cleaning and Protection

  • Effective Dirt and Grime Removal: CarPlan Ultra Wash and Wax is meticulously formulated to swiftly eliminate dirt and road grime from your car's paintwork. Its advanced formula ensures a thorough cleanse, leaving behind a pristine surface.
  • Protective Wax Layer: This innovative product doesn't just clean; it also enhances your car's protection with a built-in wax layer. The protective wax shields your vehicle against environmental elements, prolonging the longevity of its glossy finish.

Effortless Application

  • One-Step Wash and Wax: Enjoy the convenience of a single-step cleaning process that not only cleans but also adds a luxurious wax shine to your car. It's the perfect solution for achieving a freshly waxed appearance effortlessly.
  • Incredible Sudsing Action: The exceptional sudsing action of CarPlan Ultra Wash and Wax lifts dirt and grime effectively, ensuring a thorough and satisfying wash every time.

Boosted Glossiness and Shine

  • Enhanced Protection Between Waxes: Ideal for maintaining your car's appearance between regular wax applications. It boosts protection, glossiness, and shine, keeping your vehicle looking immaculate and showroom-ready.

pH Neutral and Gentle Cleaning

  • Gentle on Paint: Formulated with a pH neutral composition, CarPlan Ultra Wash and Wax provides gentle yet effective cleaning without stripping existing wax layers. It ensures your car's paintwork remains intact and beautifully clean after each wash.

How to Use

  • Simple Application: Dilute the appropriate amount of CarPlan Ultra Wash and Wax in water according to the instructions. Apply it with a sponge or cloth, thoroughly cleaning the entire vehicle. Rinse off to reveal a streak-free, showroom shine.

Suitable for All Paint Finishes

  • Universal Compatibility: Whether your car has a clear coat, metallic finish, or standard paint, CarPlan Ultra Wash and Wax is safe and effective on all types of paint finishes. It delivers consistent results without compromising on quality.

Elevate your car washing experience with CarPlan Ultra Wash and Wax, a premium solution that combines effective cleaning power with superior protection. Perfect for both casual drivers and car enthusiasts alike, this product ensures your vehicle maintains a dazzling shine and lasting protection with each use. Trust CarPlan Ultra Wash and Wax to keep your car looking its best, effortlessly and reliably.

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